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Office Portfolio
July 30, 2020
Office Portfolio
July 30, 2020
Whatever I say about myself is useless without proof. So, I decided to keep some proof of my work here. As you see there are 3 types of proof here. Videos, Images, and Articles. if you read some articles or watch some videos or see some pictures you will get a little idea about me and my capabilities.

numbers showing below are the number of contents I have uploaded here on a particular area. Videos are about teaching ideas, teaching tactics and Intro and opnions.



Some images of my the programming.


Some videos of my programming (USE VPN IF YOU ARE FORM CHINA)


Some articles on Programming.

Years of experience

3 years of Experience

A good Programmer needs to have some special characteristics. I would love to list them here

  • Never give up
  • Find the solution
  • Idea Generator
  • Hard working
  • First Learner
  • curiosity
  • punctuality

I believe Hard working with honesty is the key to success

Why choose me?

  • Very simple and straight foward answer
  • I bear those qualities
  • I earned those qualities